About The Energy Report

The Energy Report brings you today's latest stories on the energy sector, including natural gas, coal, nuclear, renewables, and power transmission, from an unbiased business perspective.

When the Observer-Reporter launched its monthly Energy Report special section in July 2012, the impetus behind the project was to cover the booming natural gas industry growing from the area's Marcellus Shale strata. While natural gas along with coal remains the biggest energy-related stories in the O-R's coverage area, The Energy Report was given free rein to expand coverage to what is a very rich energy portfolio that exists across the Western Pennsylvania region and beyond.

The award-winning Observer-Reporter has been part of Washington and Greene counties since the early 1800's. Its circulation reaches readers in Washington, Greene and southern Allegheny counties. Besides The Energy Report, the company also publishes the Observer-Reporter, a daily newspaper covering Washington and Greene counties, The Almanac, a weekly serving the South Hills of Pittsburgh, Southpointe Today, and numerous magazines and special publications.

Advertising with The Energy Report

The Energy Report covers energy sector news from an unbiased, business perspective. While much of our content covers Western Pennsylvania, the impact of this area goes well beyond our boundries. With several content platforms, The Energy Report can be a poqwerful tool when engaging with the energy sector.

  • Our print publication publishes monthly with a circulation reach of over 32,ooo, and are affluent, educated, influential, employed and growing. Place your ad alongside our exclusive local content to be seen by your current and potential customers.
  • Our website, www.energyreportnews.com, is updated constantly with energy news that goes beyond our print publication, and is mobile-friendly. Whether you're looking to brand your business or drive traffic for a specific event, our online adverting options will deliver your message to a progressive, affluent, engaged, and influential audience.
  • Our e-edition is the popular digital form of our print publication. Branding and in story advertising is available to augment our print advertising, as well as the inclusion of multimedia.
  • The Energy Report App is updated monthly from our print publication. Every month, this free app will remind readers when a new edition is available. Within the app are sponsorship opportunities that will be seen by loyal readers on a free app platform.

    For more information on advertising with The Energy Report, please contact Matt Miller, Director of Sales and Marketing, at 724-225-2073, or email at mtmiller@observer-reporter.com.